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We are Sunshine Grow, grower of sunny potted plants with our own growing locations in the Netherlands and Spain. Our nursery in Pijnacker, The Netherlands is ideally located near trading locations Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Naaldwijk. This makes us strong in day trading and we are easily accessible for transporters.

Our strength is reliability, flexibility and direct contact with the grower. Customer and consumer satisfaction are central. That is why all our products are sent out in consumer-oriented packaging.
Sunshine Grow has the MPS-A, MPS SQ / GRASP, MPS-GAP certificate for the nursery in the Netherlands.

Our Spanish nursery has Global-GAP certificate. As a family business, we strive for a good relationship with our customers and a socially responsible manner of business and care for people and the environment. We recycle all irrigation water in Spain.

Sustainability is of great importance to us with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint and a better planet.

  • Our potting soil is peatfree
  • We use solar energy through our solar panels on the water basin
  • Our residual flows are separated and, where possible, reused
  • We heat our greenhouse via geothermal energy, so that no fossil natural gas is required
  • We fight unwanted pests with biological control

Choose Sunshine Grow, where the future grows!

Our nursery in the Netherlands

Our nursery in Spain

Your benefits of buying from Sunshine Grow:

  • Reliable, flexible in planning and direct contact with the grower
  • Codiaeum (Croton) “Petra” and “Excellent” in unique red and white colors
  • Hibiscus classic double-flowered, large volumes available all year round
  • Nerium oleander wide package pot sizes 13, 17, 21 and trunks available
  • Consumer-oriented packaging and consumer website for care information
  • Corporate social responsibility and certified
  • Sustainability and working towards a liveable planet are central to all our processes