• Ivy (Hedera helix)

English Ivy (Hedera helix)

Ivy fits any mood

Who does not know Hedera, or ivy. Hedera is native to Europe and likes moist soils. It is a true forest plant, but also in gardens it can be found in abundance along fences and against walls. Ivy also does well as a ground cover.

Nowadays, it is also a real houseplant that is actually always suitable for any atmosphere. And the beauty of it is that its care is also very simple. Sunshine Grow grows five different types in green, white-fur and yellow-fur. A beautiful product that has earned a permanent place in our range.

English Ivy from Sunshine Grow is peat-free and ZERO CO2 grown.

Ivy in the greenhouse at nursery Sunshine Grow

Hedera as an interior potted plant is hugely popular

Eternal fidelity, immortality and drunkenness

The Hedera has an important symbolic value of immortality and eternal fidelity and was once brought into homes to drive away evil spirits.

In ancient Rome, a wreath of Ivy was worn to prevent someone from getting drunk like Bacchus, the god of drink, for example. In short, this evergreen and hardy little plant has long inspired many.

Care of your ivy

  • Originally a forest plant, it likes semi-shade and moderate temperatures.
  • Excellent to keep in any living environment such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, provided it receives sufficient light.
  • Temperature indoors between 5 °C and 25 °C .
  • The plant can be kept in the garden but should then be planted in shade or semi-shade. Be careful not to plant it in winter and during frost but wait for spring.
  • Water the plant regularly but make sure no water remains at the bottom of the pot.
  • Feed during the growing season but be careful not to let the plant grow too fast to stay in shape.
  • Tendrils can easily be pruned back.
  • Regularly spray the leaves with water to wash off the dust.

The best position for your ivy

Preferably place ivy in semi-shade. The plant does fine at a temperature between 5 – 25 °C.