Sunshiners and consumer-oriented packaging

All our potted plants leave the nursery as a gift for the consumer;

Sunshine Grow offers all its products in attractive consumer-ready packaging, which helps hardware stores, supermarkets, florists and garden centers in better sales results.

Sunshiners® is our consumer brand for this, which includes various sub-labels such as Patio, Pure Color, Enjoy the Summer and Sunshiners that match the moment of giving and the atmosphere of the product.

Customer and consumer satisfaction is paramount at Sunshine Grow. That is why Sunshiners is linked through its packaging to consumer websites with additional care instructions.

FloraBiezz, a sustainable initiative

Sunshine Grow is also affiliated with FloraBiezz which enables consumers to become even better acquainted with our company and what we do in terms of sustainability, production, employees and the environment.

Sunshiners and consumer-oriented packaging

Sunshiner‘s You & Me; every woman deserves extra attention during Valentine’s Day, Women‘s Day, Mother’s Day or birthday. With the You & Me packaging you give the right signal.

Sunshiners; premium quality and extra heavy plants in consumer oriented packaging.

Croton Sunshiners Pure Colour

Sunshiner’s Pure Color; the Codiaeum (Croton) is perhaps the most colorful green plant and living ornament in the interior. Pure Color provides attractive packaging to give the Codiaeum as a gift.

Sunshiner’s Enjoy the Summer; the Nerium oleander in an attractive Mediterranean packaging that makes you want to enjoy the sun and holidays in Mediterranean atmosphere.

Hedera Sunshine-Grow

The Hedera is a very strong and decorative green plant that fits everywhere. Both green-leaved and variegated-leaved varieties are available.

Sunshiners Schlumbergera Mix

Sunshiners Schlumbergera; the Christmas cactus in consumer ready package and coloured pot in red, white and mix available.

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