• Olive tree (Olea europea)

Olive tree (Olea europea)

The olive tree is a characteristic everyman’s friend

The Olive tree is a true everybody’s friend. Anyone who has been to Mediterranean countries and seen the olive groves there is sold on this plant. Sunshine Grow has specialised in a miniature version so that you should actually speak of an olive bonsai. It is expecting delicious olives and olive oil. The plant is strong and does well if provided with plenty of light and warmth.

The Olive tree from Sunshine Grow is peat-free and ZERO CO2 grown.

Olive trees can be found everywhere in the Mediterranean region

Olive grove in Italy

The symbolism of the olive

The olive tree captures the imagination. Not only because of its delicious oil, “liquid gold” and tasty olives for cooking, but also because of its symbolic significance. Already among the ancient Greeks and Romans, the olive was associated with peace, victory and a positive image of the future. In the Mediterranean areas, the olive used to be a precious possession that you were very careful about.

Nowadays, giving an olive tree is a sign of connection and friendship. It ratifies a lasting relationship.

Care of your olive tree

  • Put the olive tree in a bright, warm place, for example in the conservatory or window frame.
  • From April onwards, you can put the plant in a sunny, reasonably sheltered place on the terrace or balcony provided the night temperature is above 10 °C.
  • Keep the pot ball well moist; ensure good drainage (outside) so that the roots are not constantly standing in water.
    Give the plant some plant food once a month.
  • Regular pruning is important for good branching.
  • Overwinter the olive tree in a cool light spot at about 5 °C; give the plant little water, but do not let the pot ball dry out.
  • Nutrition is not necessary in winter.

Best position for your olive tree

From late April, the plant can be placed in the garden in a warm sunny spot. In winter inside in a cool light place at about 5 °C.