Sunshine Grow, family business since 1958

Specialist in Tropical and Mediterranean plants

Welcome to Sunshine Grow!

You may have received or bought a plant from our nursery under the label Enjoy the Summer, Sunshiners, You & Me or Pure Colour.

Tropical and Mediterranean plants are grown at our nurseries in Pijnacker (the Netherlands) and Orihuela (Spain). Passion for growing plants is deep in our blood, from generation to generation. The name Sunshine Grow suits our sunny products and love for growing.

For care and more information on Oleander, Olive tree, Chinese Hibiscus, Croton, Ivy (Hedera) and Christmas Cactus, please see the various products.

Sustainability high on the agenda

We grow all our plants as sustainably as possible.

  • Our nursery in the Netherlands, is fully heated with geothermal heat, so the company does not emit any CO2.
  • In addition, the water basin is fully covered with solar panels that provide the company with electricity.
  • All products are peat-free to preserve existing ecosystems;
  • Recycled plastics are used for all pots and transport trays.
  • Organic pest control is used wherever possible.
  • At our Spanish nursery, no heating is required and recycled plastics are used for the pots and transport trays.
  • The water for watering is also recycled with nutrients here. The irrigation water comes from a basin which is supplied with rainwater.