• Croton (Codiaeum variegatum)

Croton (Codiaeum variegatum)

Tropical surprise

The Croton is considered a green plant but is anything but. When you walk around our nursery, you will see a colourful splendour that is not inferior to a flower garden. It is not for nothing that this plant has long been popular for keeping indoors as a tropical plant. The plant can grow into a beautiful shrub if cared for properly.

The Croton from Sunshine Grow is peat-free and ZERO CO2 grown.

The Croton fits any interior from classic to modern

The colour variation in the leaves is overwhelming in the Croton

Eye-catcher through splashes of colour

The croton – officially Codiaeum variegatum – originates from Southeast Asia. There, the plant can grow metres tall. The name part “variegatum” says it all: a great variety of leaf colours and leaf shapes. This colour spectacle of the Croton ensures that this tropical plant appeals to everyone.

It sets the mood and adds colour to your home. Bright yellow, bright orange, fire red, and fresh green. An ornament and eye-catcher in your home in both summer and winter.

Care of your Croton

  • The Croton is a tropical plant that likes plenty of warmth between 15°C and 30°C.
  • Put the croton in a light position indoors. The more light, the paler the leaves!
  • In summer, do not put it in bright sunlight behind a window.
  • Water the plant regularly, but especially not too much so that water remains at the bottom of the pot; wait until the top of the soil feels dry again.
  • Give the plant some plant food every fortnight during the growing season.
  • The plant can be placed in a shady spot on the terrace in summer.
  • Regularly spray the leaves with rainwater to wash off the dust.

Position of your Croton

Place the Croton in a bright warm spot in your home. And that may well be your bathroom or bedroom window! In summer the plants also feel particularly at home in the conservatory.