Flexible, strong in day trading and large volumes

Our current product range consists of:

The Netherlands; tropical potted plants

  • Hibiscus classic double-flowered; 13 cm, available all year round, large volumes available, color mixes
  • Codiaeum (Croton) “Petra”, “Excellent” and “Magnificent”; 13 cm + 17 cm available in autumn and winter season, red and white hue
  • Schlumbergera; 13 cm, available around Christmas time, color mix
  • Hedera helix; 13 cm, 17 cm, “Goldchild”, “Glacier”, “California”, “Needle Point”, “Baltic”

Spain; Mediterranean potted plants

  • Nerium oleander; 10.5, 13, 17, 21, 27 cm and trunks, color mixes and tricolor, available in spring
  • Olea europea; 13 cm, shrub, available in spring
  • Cycas revoluta; tub diameter 50 cm and 80 cm, available in spring and summer

Sunshine Grow – High volumes in Nerium oleander

At our Spanish nursery, the Nerium oleander is the main product in which Sunshine Grow specializes. The cultivation takes place in Dutch management, which guarantees a high degree of reliability in product and the deliveries.

Sunshine Grow is Global-GAP certified for its Spanish product

From our processing and distribution at our nursery in Pijnacker in The Netherlands, a total package of pot sizes can be supplied in a uniform appearance in terms of pot and label, giving an Oleander sales table at a garden center the right appearance.

For retail, large volumes can be supplied in consumer-oriented packaging such as Sunshiner’s “Enjoy the Summer”.

In the 13 and 17 cm in particular, large to very large volumes can be supplied in a color mix, making large promotions possible.

In addition to our Oleanders, we constantly test new products for our Mediterranean range.

You will find our current range in

Your benefits of buying Nerium oleander from Sunshine Grow:

  • Flexible in our planning and direct contact with the grower
  • Reliable deliveries and agreed quality
  • Nerium oleander guaranteed compact growth and rich flowering.
  • Weekly supply to our nursery in Pijnacker in The Netherlands, both for day trading and pending orders, so there is always stock.
  • Efficient processing and fast delivery from our stock and processing space in Voorschoten (the Netherlands). No brokering and always controlled quality.
  • Direct deliveries from Spain or from our nursery in the Netherlands depending on your wishes.